Are limiting beliefs holding back your health



If so, it is possible to break the mould

If you’re struggling with currently being and feeling unhealthy, and feel you have tried in the past but not succeeded, it’s possible that some of your long-held limiting beliefs around your body, food and lifestyle are actually getting in the way of you becoming healthier.

Here’s how to identify limiting beliefs with these 4 examples of possible hidden beliefs that may be holding you back from being your healthiest you.

4 Limiting Beliefs that may be Holding You Back from Being Healthy


1. Limiting Belief about being healthy:

Have you ever found yourself saying: “It’s ok for other people to be healthy, it just doesn’t happen for me” or “I don’t have time to be healthy” or “I’m too this or too that to be healthier”

Sometimes we think that a healthy person is something that’s fine for them, but it’s just not for me or that other people deserve to be healthy, but we don’t, it just isn’t possible.

But if you tell yourself that you can’t be healthy, you’ve tried but it doesn’t work, then this might be something that is holding you back for a longer period of time to increase your opportunities to be the healthiest version of yourself.

Believing you can’t, well this is a mindset belief!

2. Limiting Belief Example: “I was born unhealthy”

Similar to the previous beliefs, some people think a healthier lifestyle is something that’s pre-determined and you’re either born into a healthy way of living or you are not. Well true to a certain extent, of course epigenetics and genetics have a certain role to play, however it is important to share that this belief can be switched. Anyone can learn to be healthier with the right skills, tools and understanding about your own body.

It also comes down to making a decision that you want to be healthy more than you want to be UN-healthy!

3. Limiting Belief: “HEALTH is outside of your control.”

Unfortunately, if you believe that health is outside of your control, then it will continue to be outside of your control and seem to be caused only by others, circumstances or what you have been lead to believe during childhood, or in fact the environment you have grown up within, especially if that wasn’t particularly healthy. In reality, your beliefs about your life past and indeed present and your attitude toward your life, allow you to create and improve health and wellbeing, or stay where you are right now and your beliefs are truly one thing that is 100% in your control.

Ask yourself, do I believe I can be healthier, or do I believe that it is impossible for me to me healthier?

What choices do you continue to make that are unhealthy and how often?


What choices do you continue to make that are healthy and how often?

4. Limiting Belief: “It’s too late for me to change now”

I strongly believe that no one in the world is too “damaged” or “broken” to be beyond hope or health.

No matter what your past, you can always choose to start fresh today, right now, this instant! and create a newer and healthier future. It all depends on what you believe you can achieve and you will and can achieve what you believe!

It all comes down to a decision!!

A decision to believe that you can and will be your healthiest self.

It can all change today.

All of these self limiting beliefs have a similar theme that your “beliefs” create your healthiest version of you or indeed the unhealthiest version of you.

Health, and what you choose to believe is possible for you is within your control (no one else’s).

Therefore, health is ultimately something that’s in your control and your reach, because it comes down to what you choose to believe about life and having a positive attitude, regardless of your circumstances or situation. Even on a low budget you can create a healthier lifestyle, a healthier way of eating, chose more movement daily, join a free walking or running club, make a decision to stop buying take out food or drinking too many lattes or sodas, simple healthy changes can also change the way you spend your money, and you will begin to realise healthy is affordable and available for you, remember its your mind that makes the decisions.

Are any of these beliefs holding you back? 

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