The 5 Pillars to Vibrant Wellness, the secrets to creating greater Health


Vibrant in 5

5 Pillars to Health & Wellness

My 5 Pillars of Wellness: 

The Foundation for Vibrant Health is where #vibrantin5 was born

Is there a secret recipe for creating healthy habits? Well the secret needs to be spread far and wide. 

Will you help me? Are you ready or my version of the 5 pillars?

More of the world needs health as we have developed more ill health year after year globally and disease is increasing. Please let’s help others by sharing the not so secret pillars!!! You can also think of these pillars as foundations, and not of sand!! Rather sustainable and strong. 

So all of the best recipes start out with a great ingredients and often a simple and staple base… and so that’s exactly what the 5 pillars of wellness are all about. 

So let’s try thinking that the pillars are essential ingredients, for eg: hummus needs chickpeas (or a legume at least!) and a salsa needs tomatoes and coffee needs coffee beans, a fruit salad need fruit right?..ok

(So, are you with me and getting the picture thus far!).

If you’ve been hanging out with me for a while, on my Social media or email then you’ll know that everything needs an essential ingredient and your life deserves the best ingredients to flourish.

But if you’re new here or just need a reminder, my 5 pillars of wellness are: What you’re eating (as in real food, my ethos toward food is another 4 separate essential pillars- fat,greens, fiber, protein), what your drinking drinking (water water), how your thinking (mindfulness), and how you’re moving (exercise), are you resting enough and are you connecting with life itself in a present state (aka forget what was, focus on what is and what you can create for your future self).

There is so much noise and noyance today as to what is right and what is not, so what exactly should we choose to focus our energy on and WHY!!!?

I’ve found that these five categories/ Pillars, have the biggest impact on our overall well-being, personal growth and self appreciation...yes self appreciation is something many women are ready to tune into.

In other words, the 5 pillars are crucial for creating the kind of internal and external environments and dialects that allow us to truly thrive and no longer merely “survive”.

Shall we break down each pillar so that you can get more familiar with how they’ll will help to support you.

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What You’re Eating and what is on your plate

or in your glass!!

What’s on your plate and why does it matter?!

What colour is your food, Is it vibrant and rich in nutrients? How does it feel, taste and how fresh it is.

The produce aisle was always my non negotiable, even as a single mom, it was so important to sustain a balance of nutrition, avoiding  a return to anorexia and subsequently healing my autoimmune illnesses! What was in my shopping cart an on my plate and my kids plate was so important.

I will never forget the moment when my GP ushered me to the hospital for path lab tests and an emergency throat scan, just 3 weeks after my second son was born. My thyroid hormones were non existent, my goiter was swollen and I was surviving on adrenalin!

I was totally resistant to taking synthetic drugs, yet I did for just a short time in order to balance my thyroid. I have never been good at taking synthetic goods a d would much prefer to heal holistically. 

In the historic words of “Hippocrates” let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.

Even thousands of years ago, a greek physician knew how powerful food was and is to us in order to heal our health.

I couldn’t think of a better way to sum up this first pillar than with those words. Knowing how to nourish our bodies is at the core of health, healing and wellbeing and our gut is central to our healthiest self.

Respecting ourselves and knowing what our bodies need intuitively and individually, is an understanding to what your body really needs.

The greatest gift we can give to ourselves is eating and cooking a plethora of real whole, plant-based foods and if not vegan organic or wild animal produce too, the way nature intended.

By eating real foods we are able to reduce inflammation within the body and heal illness and if your not used to being in the kitchen, a new way of cooking can absolutely increase our joy by experimenting and enjoying new tastes. Savoring the flavors you already love as well as introducing new tasty stuff too is a healthy journey to improving wellbeing over and over again. And ultimately tuning in and trusting our own inner wisdom when it comes to what we eat, listening to how it makes our body and mind react, even our skin, hair and our thoughts.

This may sound like a lot to process as 1 base ingredient, but honestly it gets easier and easier to include and a lot more fun than you might think. It all starts with a simple decision to choose more veggies and fruits, more colour, more vitamins and nutrients, from their most natural source.

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What You’re Drinking

Hydration is a key pillar in Health, wellness and concentration.

I won’t lie, I love a good coffee and occasionally indulging in a good glass of wine, after all I do live in Europe where some of the best wines are organically produced! But sorry, time to dive straight to basics and necessity, no liquid has my attention daily more than good quality H2O (well, ok a good green juice is a close second!).

If you read by blog on hydration then you know how truly passionate I am about hydration. And ok, honestly, it’s not just because I know how good I feel when I get enough water every day I immediately know when I am on the verge of dehydration. Dehydration (especially if it’s chronic) can be a serious problem for your health. It can cause fever, low blood pressure, fatigue and even affect the way your brain functions. Drinking water can also redirect a false sense of hunger too, as well as help all of your cells function optimally. 

To find out how much water you should aim to be drinking each day, divide your body weight (in pounds) by two to get the approximate amount of ounces you need. You will also need to consider your activity levels, if you are exercising at high intensity, then during that period you should be drinking 50ml (8oz) per 15 minutes of workout and ensuring you are hydrated afterwards.

P.s… here’s a pro tip to get you started on the path to better hydration: If you feel thirsty, chances are you’re already dehydrated by up to 15%! If you still struggle drinking water try adding some fruits to your water such as citrus or even drink it warm with lemon and ginger, keep sipping babe your cells are thanking you for every drop.

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Be mindful about what and how you think

Now that we’ve covered the first two pillars of wellness, your nutrition and your hydration. It’s time to talk soul food, because at the end of the day, all the greens and water in the world won’t improve our internal nourishment if we can not gain nourishment in other areas of our life. We need to create a balance within all 5 pillars.

The mind your thought pillar is about noticing your thoughts within your mind, especially the thoughts you have about yourself and others, and how do those thoughts reflect toward your feelings and emotional well being on a daily basis. It’s about letting go of judgement about your feelings (the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between). As well as any judgement you feel toward others. And perhaps most importantly, it’s about creating healthy habits for managing stress, because that’s Stress is the leading catalyst known to scientifically increase the risk of disease within our body. Learning how to manage stress, being kinder and more compassionate to yourself is different for everyone, and sadly still many women are not allowing themselves space to have self kindness, or love how do you release stress? meditation, Tapping (known as EFT), mindful breaks, yoga, breath-work, walks in the park!). It takes practice to create a mindful practise and I have noticed more and more that a practice fits most of my clients lives opposed to naming it as a ritual or a routine, a practise can forever evolve, advance and improve.

Remember: If you can change your mind, you can truly transform your life. One big change that allows our mind to live in a healthier and happier way is to have more gratitude. Try noting 3 things that you are grateful for each and every day and see how your positivity begins to change and you can begin to release more judgement and negativity.

You can access my free mindful meditation here.

give yourself time to rest, sleep & recover

Sleep is vital to rejuvenation

The fourth pillar of wellness may sound obvious to some, but sleep, switching off and simply being at complete rest is one of the most critical pillars of your overall well-being as the rest of them!! Yet often overlooked!

Sleep is so important and I cover this topic a lot with all my clients, because I know that so many folks struggle to get the recommended 7.5-8 hours per night. Many women are still hustling into the early hours, sleeping only 4-5 hours in hopes to get more done! In Fact this creates the opposite effect! Because if  we are not rested our brains can not function optimally, it can often lead to making rash decisions or uncertainty and lack of clear focus.

An estimated 20-40 percent of adults aren’t getting enough sleep and millions of people are suffering from some sort of sleep disorder.

Getting enough sleep is necessary for everything from enabling a strong immunity, regulating your appetite, rejuvenating your cells, to cleaning out your brain’s waste products and storing your memories. Not all sleep is created equal your bedtime routine, your mindfulness and environment can have a huge impact on the quality of your rest. There’s more to rest than sleep and there is more to sleep than just rest. Healthy habits for sleep can be easily incorporated, for example if your mindset and repeated language is “I don’t sleep” “I’ve never slept well” “I can’t go to sleep” etc etc your subconscious mind is always believing that you can not sleep and the repetitive nature of your belief will disable you from being able to sleep in a restful state. Also going to bed in a stressed state, or after a row for example will often keep you awake at night, or will create a state of unrest!

Often when you don’t sleep well, the following day’s can see unhealthy habits with food becoming more common place, because one may see caffeine and refined sugar a source of increased energy, which actually creates a false sense of highs and lows.

Taking time to refuel your energy while you’re awake is important, and when your nourishing your body and brain with whole nutritious foods you will be able to also create healthier sleep patterns.

Thankfully, there’s a lot you can do to create healthy habits for sleep, and switching the can’t, to I can is one big step, or one big leap into the comfy bed.



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movement, connection & joy

There is nothing greater than feeling connected and enjoying your own body.

Movement & Joy

This last pillar is not just about movement, it’s also about Joy.

Laughing, enjoying life as well as exercising is so important for our soul , our brain and our body.

Let’s start with exercise shall we. Recent studies show that less than a quarter of Americans and British population are getting the recommended 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of intense exercise each week, or if we break this down just over 21 minutes or 10 minutes each day! (Note if you are in a “stressed” state often, consider lower intense workouts)

As a Personal Trainer for 2 decades I was always encouraging my clients to move daily even when we did not have our sessions, because those 2 or 3 sessions a week didn't cover movement for everyday as humans and if you believe in evolution, we were created to move regularly. I’m a firm believer that the statistics in our present day for lack of movement is the result of a lack of understanding about the many benefits of movement and also the convenient world we have become so used to. It’s often still because exercise has an “image” attached to it that is needed to be more positive.

: Exercise does not have to be painful, really hard or unpleasurable. It should be something you actually enjoy doing. Find something you love to do because you love your body, and connect with the physical feeling of how good it feels when you treat your body with care. Movement also enables us to naturally detoxify and remove impurities and toxins. It could be walking in nature for at least 45-60 minutes if not every day at least a few times a week, joining a yoga class or a running club, the possibilities to move your body are endless, it is just a matter of a making a mindful decision to do so.

And last, but certainly not least, play and FUN! 

Part of the renewing pillar is to have fun! Allow yourself regular, unstructured free time to simply be (but do schedule it in if your prone to neglect this and instead continue to hustle, a break from the hustle and to laugh and be happy will ultimately help you in your work, life and enjoyment of both). 

Enjoy a hobby (whatever that may be to you), visit some local culture or a museum, travel to a new town or a new city, call friends and hang out, or even go for a hike where you can walk, talk and laugh, (Triple bonus) and fully allow yourself to recharge. 

Just because you’re all grown up, doesn’t mean you don’t need fun and friends in your life. 

It is SOUL food when we have more joy, because that nourishment enhances our health and desire for greater wellness. Our soul literally comes alive through joy, laughter and happiness and again that choice is yours to make. 

Make play a non-negotiable part of your schedule and do it with people who lift you, support you and love you.

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Let’s build on your 5 pillars together!

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